Maintenance of A Car Wash System

When one talks about car wash systems it should be understood that they are of two types, manual and automatic. When one says manual it does not mean that the washing has to be done by the person manually. This too is in a way an automatic system where the user of the car has to drop in the required amount of coins depending on the amount of time that will be spent for the washing.

The process is very simple wherein one parks the vehicle inside a huge garage which is meant for the washing purpose. This will be well equipped with cleaning products like soap and water, sprayers and brushes meant for washing. As soon as the fixed amount of coins is dropped into the slot after choosing the types of soap and brush that one requires, the washing process starts automatically. This facility includes vacuum cleaning of the seat covers and the rugs that are inside the car. This is quite a simple and easily affordable method that one could opt for.

The operation of automatic car-wash systems is similar to the first but with a slight difference. In this case the customer drives into a tunnel like garage, pays the bill through a computerized scale and leaves the car in the stack which is a conveyor that slowly moves the car on to the track. With the help of the tire sensor the car’s wheels are located and with the vehicle in neutral the complete washing system takes place.

In today’s high tech world everyone seems to be busy with their jobs and the car has become the most important mode of transport to accomplish their jobs. But what happens if the car is not maintained and cared for? It is surely going to break down and cause much trouble with repairs and maintenance. Hence regular maintenance and washing is mandatory for a good looking and smooth running car. The method of washing can be manual, automatic or just do-it-yourself.

If one is looking for the best maintenance kit for car wash systems one can decide on the portable model kits that include hose, spray guns, water containers and pumps, brushes that can be interchanged, power cords adapted with cigarette lighter sockets, some of them have buckets with handles, collapsible water tanks and other types to choose from. These are useful for do-it-oneself kits that could save you money and time and since they are portable they are easy to store in the car.